[28-10-2016] New Update : New parts, bug fixes, and more!

From the team

Thanks to you guys we’ve been able to gather a lot of bug reports and feedback on how we can improve the game. We’re therefore happy to announce that once again a more stable build has been released. While there are to many changes too mention, this post will cover the most important ones.


Planes are awesome and because aerodynamics is a huge part of Homebrew it was about time that we included a new wing set. With this update you can expect a new set which includes a front wing with an internal fuel tank, a tail and vertical tail wing.

In addition to this wing set we’ve also added an adjustable wing as well. Below you can see how they’ll look in-game.

NEW: Invader wing set

NEW: Adjustable wing

Aerodynamics change-log:

  • SU wing weight has been corrected.
  • Added offset option to the F22 wing’s front flap.
  • Added a property that allows to adjust lift for the blimp.

  • Engines and motors

    With this update two new parts have been added.

    The first one is the whirlwind turbofan, which is a 2100 kg beast with maximum thrust of 96000. Simply put it combines a gas turbine engine that achieves its mechanical energy from combustion and a ducted fan that uses this energy to accelerate the air rearwards. Be aware though, while powerful, it consumes 1.267 L/s.

    Another addition is the E-power motor, its specs are derived from a motor that is used by an awesome electric vehicle manufacturer ;). It is a lightweight motor that provides +- 600 Nm from 0 to 6000 RPM with a 10000 RPM redline

    NEW: Whirlwind turbofan

    NEW: E-power motor

    Engine and motor change-log

  • A power output has been added to Vector thrust, Nene, Falcon 6, Falcon 6D, M14P Radial, D22 twister, 2 stroke, Tuk tuk, Speedboat engines and the Electric motors.
  • Speedboat engine weight is changed to 200kg.
  • Fuel consumption rate is displayed in L/hour instead of L/s (tuner).
  • Combustion engines consume a minimum amount of fuel even when no throttle is applied, previously fuel consumption was 0 when no throttle was applied.
  • Changed maximum power factor range for ramjet engines to [0–3] (in the past it was [1-3]).
  • Electric motor audio depends on current rpm instead of throttle.
  • Tuk tuk and kart engine volume has been lowered.

  • Wheels

    So far we’ve seen a lot of creative designs for landing gears, bikes and small vehicles. We’ve already added a smaller transmission and more compact engines, but the desire for smaller and slicker vehicles remained (and yes we’ve received A LOT requests).

    With this update we’ve added two new wheel hubs that have been on our list for a while. Below you can see both of them on some of our experimental builds.

    NEW: Fork wheel hub

    NEW: Small wheel hub

    Wheel change-log

  • Added angle offset property to all wheel hubs.
  • Added sideways wheel offset property to all wheel hubs.
  • Made improvements to vehicle braking.
  • Implemented friction differences based on ground type; friction will vary between grass, dirt, asphalt and so on.
  • Implemented ground type based skid-mark textures and particle effects, this can be seen on the image below:

  • Driveshaft changes

    For those of you that are aware of the driveshaft bug where you can use any small engine in conjunction with a giant engine to generate far more torque and RPM then possible, this has been fixed in this patch as well.

    If you are looking for other ways to achieve this kind of behavior, you can always contact us on DISCORD


    With this update the underlying systems that handle the behavior of electric parts have been improved and tested more thoroughly. Here’s some of the stuff that’s new:

  • The electric plotter (tuner) indicates how much Watt a part needs/uses and the maximum amount of Watt that a part can provide. If the value is above 1000 Watt the unit will be changed to kW.

  • Electrics change-log:

  • Watt draw has been added to the E-power motor, light, strobe light, search light, gyro disc and rotational gyroscope.
  • On batteries: ”Volts left” output is changed to Watt left.
  • Infinite power property has been added to batteries.
  • Multi-link support for batteries has been added; this allows you to link multiple “generators” to charge a battery. Below you can see one of the many possible set-ups:

  • Programmables

    NEW: Value box

    Programmable change-log

  • Round box has been renamed to Math box. And a lot of math functions have been added too it.
  • All programmable boxes weigh 1 kg by default.
  • Increased the minimum text size on the number display: this will prevent lag spikes in cases where the font scale has to be adjusted dynamically.
  • Added velocity output to speedometer.
  • Added invert property to rotational gyroscope: allows negative force values.
  • Added a second input to the selector box: the value that this input has will be passed on to the selected output. The selector box range has been changed from [1 – x] to [0 – x] as well

  • Multiplayer changes

    With this update we’ve polished the multiplayer aspect of the game a bit more.

    One of the changes that you’ll notice is a counter next to the loading bar that indicates the amount of the queued vehicles. The vehicle transfer queue has also been improved by making sure that the game immediately checks whether a vehicle already exists instead of waiting for the vehicle’s turn.

    As of now the blue (spawning vehicle) box will have a default size. The issue where the blue boxes didn’t disappear after disconnecting and reconnecting has been resolved as well.

    To ensure that lag spikes are less frequent a /mutespawn and /unmutespawn command has been added. Simply type in /mutespawn in to the chat and the vehicles of other players won’t be spawned for you, to disable this type in /unmutespawn.

    We’ve also managed to solve the issue of spazzing wings which occurred while switching ownership and added the /countdown chat command (counts down as follows: 3, 2, 1, GO)

  • Adjustable fuel tank was buggy in the builder.
  • X15 wings didn’t show up correctly in the picture.
  • Wheels were glitchy upon spawning in the builder.
  • Volume calculation on adjustable fuel tanks works correctly.
  • Part spawn shortcut [E] worked while an input field was selected.
  • Camera movement wasn’t locked while an input field was selected.
  • Gyro’s didn’t work properly always spin property was turned off.
  • Rocket engines made noise while not ignited.
  • Wheels sometimes jittered while standing still.
  • Drag box didn’t properly remove previous drag.
  • Combustion engines started without having fuel.
  • When out of fuel combustion engines didn’t shut down.
  • The orientation of some wheels wasn’t correct.
  • Electric motor worked without electricity.
  • Fixed issues with reflection probe, it was black for a lot of people.
  • Camera didn’t properly focus upon switching from pipe to assembly builder.
  • Property panel didn’t refresh after a property was added/removed.
  • While joining a server through main menu, pressing ESC would get you stuck in main menu.

  • Other changes

  • Added new teleport locations on flatland and high mountains.
  • Fixed and replaced some pick-up vehicles.
  • Gyro disc and drag box has been optimized.
  • Field of View property is set to 90° by default on all seats.
  • Fuel tank weight is based on how much fuel is left (0.75 kg per liter), an infinite tank will weigh as much as a full tank.

  • What if I have a problem?

    To ensure that no issue is overseen we’ll be monitoring steam, DISCORD and our other channels even more over the course of the following days. In the unfortunate event that you encounter a bug please follow these steps so that we can release a patch asap:

  • See if you can replicate the bug
  • Be as specific as possible about the issue, the more information the better. Preferably attach your output_log.txt file which can be located in: installed directory / HB146_Data folder (right click on Homebrew in your game library, select properties and then browse local files)
  • Notify us on Steam or DISCORD (faster response time)


    Copybugpaste Team