[24-08-2016]New update: physics changes, new parts and more!

From the team

The new update is finally here, the feedback that we got from you guys has helped improve the game by a lot and in this post you can find a summary of the changes that have been made. You can click on of the topics below for more information:

Tuner and builder changes

Key changes:

  • Multi select is added to tuner (hold SHIFT to select multiple tuner boxes, double click to select all similar ones).
  • Changing properties has been optimized by A LOT (better performance).
  • Saving process is faster.
  • Vehicle file size has decreased.
  • Other bug fixes and overall improvements.

  • Multiplayer improvements

    Key changes:

  • Vehicles are downloaded faster.
  • A vehicle download queue has been added; this should lower the chance of dropping and disconnecting from a server significantly.
  • Improved vehicle uploading.
  • Reduced the chance of glitching out with vehicles of others while in multiplayer (a.k.a. ownership issues).

  • Water physics, outboard motor and water propeller

    Key changes:

  • Improved pontoon behavior.
  • Added propeller physics for underwater.
  • Added outboard motor and underwater propeller.

  • Wheel improvements and new wheels

    Key changes:

  • Added “grip lock” to prevent vehicles from sliding at standstill.
  • Added grip curves to wheels.
  • Added rolling and static resistance.
  • Added sound effects for skidmarks (based on ground type).
  • Reworked all wheel visuals.
  • Added new wheels.

  • Engines and transmissions!

    Key changes:

  • Fixed torque curves for all engines.
  • Improved looks of in-game engines.
  • Force is divided among the wheels properly.
  • Added additional engines.
  • Improved car transmission (13 gears + set gear input).
  • Added small car transmission.

  • Tutorial improvements and smoke effects

    Key changes:

  • Improved tutorial (new vehicles, indication lines).
  • Improved teleporter gadget.
  • Added smoke effects to fireworks part.

  • Curved plate algorithm has been reworked

    As of now dents in curved plates are a thing of the past and we have to thank this to Bear Grylls since he was able to solve this issue by rewriting the underlying code of the curved plates. These changes bring plating to a whole new level and below you can see some of our test results:

    Other changes

    Although a lot has already been discussed, there’s still a huge amount of changes that haven’t been mentioned yet, including, but not limited to:

  • Simple gearbox no longer outputs the wrong rpm.
  • Propeller audio is cleaned up properly.
  • Blade effect inverts with picth and rpm.
  • Propeller rpm decreases more slowly after throttle is released (propeller spin calculation has been overhauled).
  • Propeller blade supersonic tip effect has been fixed.
  • Fixed bugged keybinds to audio menu.
  • Joystick sensitivity now decreases/increases based on FPS value.
  • COG of exhaust has been fixed.
  • Fixed double camera switch bug (it now remembers camera state).
  • Tutorial screen can be paused again.
  • Manual clutch on combustion engines is fixed.
  • Tuned all pick ups and added new ones.
  • Added new default vehicles.
  • Fixed normal map on junk yard props.
  • Added a clear vehicles command to the chat (“clearvehicles”).

  • Mr. Medic

    We’d like to thank Mr. Medic for helping out with the math behind the physics and improving part behaviour. His feedback and insight has helped us to change things for the better and this update wouldn’t be possible without his contributions!

    What if I have a problem?

    If your vehicles behave weird after this update don’t panic and read THIS POST to see how you can make it work with the new physics.

    To ensure that no issue is overseen we’ll be monitoring steam, DISCORD and our other channels even more over the course of the following days. In the unfortunate event that you encounter a bug please follow these steps so that we can release a patch asap:

  • See if you can replicate the bug
  • Be as specific as possible about the issue, the more information the better. Preferably attach your output_log.txt file which can be located in: installed directory / HB146_Data folder (right click on Homebrew in your game library, select properties and then browse local files)
  • Notify us on Steam or DISCORD (faster response time)


    Copybugpaste Team