Upcoming update #6: Tutorial and smoke effects

From the team

A while back we added an in-game tutorial to the v14 version. With this update some necessary adjustments have been made to improve the overall player experience. In addition to this we’ve also added some smoke effects to the fireworks part. Now let’s look at what you can expect:

Tutorial improvements

Since physics have been improved, new tutorial vehicles have been added as well. Before deciding which ones should be added we’ve watched a ton of new players going through the tutorial. This allowed us to gather the necessary feedback that would enable us to build better suited vehicles.

In addition to the waypoint markers we’ve added indication lines that will ensure that new players are guided and don’t get off track.

Models for the teleporter gadget and the cube have been added so that you can actually pick them up. At the same time the teleporter has received an overhaul to ensure that you can’t teleport to other locations while following the first steps of the tutorial. To make navigation even easier we’ve changed the basic color scheme of the teleporter gadget as well. Below you can see how it will look after the update:

Smoke effects

Ever wanted to do skywriting in HB14? Well then we’ve got some good news because this update will allow you to use smoke yet again. You can access these effects by selecting the them in the effects browser of the fireworks part. To begin with you’ll have the following choices:

  • Grey
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Black

  • What’s next?

    Since the update is just around the corner our next post will focus on some additional bug fixes and will have a brief summary on everything that’s new. Make sure to keep an eye out on Steam and as always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions or need help!


    Copybugpaste Team