[04-11-2016] Hotfixes

From the team

We’re currently working on the next bigger patch, in the meantime this smaller one brings along the following hotfixes:

  • Tossing the quando high up in the air and entering an already spawned vehicle would result in a game crash.
  • Round box has been readded
  • [28-10-2016] New Update : New parts, bug fixes, and more!

    From the team

    Thanks to you guys we’ve been able to gather a lot of bug reports and feedback on how we can improve the game. We’re therefore happy to announce that once again a more stable build has been released. While there are to many changes too mention, this post will cover the most important ones.


    Planes are awesome and because aerodynamics is a huge part of Homebrew it was about time that we included a new wing set. With this update you can expect a new set which includes a front wing with an internal fuel tank, a tail and vertical tail wing.

    In addition to this wing set we’ve also added an adjustable wing as well. Below you can see how they’ll look in-game.

    NEW: Invader wing set

    NEW: Adjustable wing

    Aerodynamics change-log:

  • SU wing weight has been corrected.
  • Added offset option to the F22 wing’s front flap.
  • Added a property that allows to adjust lift for the blimp.

  • Engines and motors

    With this update two new parts have been added.

    The first one is the whirlwind turbofan, which is a 2100 kg beast with maximum thrust of 96000. Simply put it combines a gas turbine engine that achieves its mechanical energy from combustion and a ducted fan that uses this energy to accelerate the air rearwards. Be aware though, while powerful, it consumes 1.267 L/s.

    Another addition is the E-power motor, its specs are derived from a motor that is used by an awesome electric vehicle manufacturer ;). It is a lightweight motor that provides +- 600 Nm from 0 to 6000 RPM with a 10000 RPM redline

    NEW: Whirlwind turbofan

    NEW: E-power motor

    Engine and motor change-log

  • A power output has been added to Vector thrust, Nene, Falcon 6, Falcon 6D, M14P Radial, D22 twister, 2 stroke, Tuk tuk, Speedboat engines and the Electric motors.
  • Speedboat engine weight is changed to 200kg.
  • Fuel consumption rate is displayed in L/hour instead of L/s (tuner).
  • Combustion engines consume a minimum amount of fuel even when no throttle is applied, previously fuel consumption was 0 when no throttle was applied.
  • Changed maximum power factor range for ramjet engines to [0–3] (in the past it was [1-3]).
  • Electric motor audio depends on current rpm instead of throttle.
  • Tuk tuk and kart engine volume has been lowered.

  • Wheels

    So far we’ve seen a lot of creative designs for landing gears, bikes and small vehicles. We’ve already added a smaller transmission and more compact engines, but the desire for smaller and slicker vehicles remained (and yes we’ve received A LOT requests).

    With this update we’ve added two new wheel hubs that have been on our list for a while. Below you can see both of them on some of our experimental builds.

    NEW: Fork wheel hub

    NEW: Small wheel hub

    Wheel change-log

  • Added angle offset property to all wheel hubs.
  • Added sideways wheel offset property to all wheel hubs.
  • Made improvements to vehicle braking.
  • Implemented friction differences based on ground type; friction will vary between grass, dirt, asphalt and so on.
  • Implemented ground type based skid-mark textures and particle effects, this can be seen on the image below:

  • Driveshaft changes

    For those of you that are aware of the driveshaft bug where you can use any small engine in conjunction with a giant engine to generate far more torque and RPM then possible, this has been fixed in this patch as well.

    If you are looking for other ways to achieve this kind of behavior, you can always contact us on DISCORD


    With this update the underlying systems that handle the behavior of electric parts have been improved and tested more thoroughly. Here’s some of the stuff that’s new:

  • The electric plotter (tuner) indicates how much Watt a part needs/uses and the maximum amount of Watt that a part can provide. If the value is above 1000 Watt the unit will be changed to kW.

  • Electrics change-log:

  • Watt draw has been added to the E-power motor, light, strobe light, search light, gyro disc and rotational gyroscope.
  • On batteries: ”Volts left” output is changed to Watt left.
  • Infinite power property has been added to batteries.
  • Multi-link support for batteries has been added; this allows you to link multiple “generators” to charge a battery. Below you can see one of the many possible set-ups:

  • Programmables

    NEW: Value box

    Programmable change-log

  • Round box has been renamed to Math box. And a lot of math functions have been added too it.
  • All programmable boxes weigh 1 kg by default.
  • Increased the minimum text size on the number display: this will prevent lag spikes in cases where the font scale has to be adjusted dynamically.
  • Added velocity output to speedometer.
  • Added invert property to rotational gyroscope: allows negative force values.
  • Added a second input to the selector box: the value that this input has will be passed on to the selected output. The selector box range has been changed from [1 – x] to [0 – x] as well

  • Multiplayer changes

    With this update we’ve polished the multiplayer aspect of the game a bit more.

    One of the changes that you’ll notice is a counter next to the loading bar that indicates the amount of the queued vehicles. The vehicle transfer queue has also been improved by making sure that the game immediately checks whether a vehicle already exists instead of waiting for the vehicle’s turn.

    As of now the blue (spawning vehicle) box will have a default size. The issue where the blue boxes didn’t disappear after disconnecting and reconnecting has been resolved as well.

    To ensure that lag spikes are less frequent a /mutespawn and /unmutespawn command has been added. Simply type in /mutespawn in to the chat and the vehicles of other players won’t be spawned for you, to disable this type in /unmutespawn.

    We’ve also managed to solve the issue of spazzing wings which occurred while switching ownership and added the /countdown chat command (counts down as follows: 3, 2, 1, GO)

  • Adjustable fuel tank was buggy in the builder.
  • X15 wings didn’t show up correctly in the picture.
  • Wheels were glitchy upon spawning in the builder.
  • Volume calculation on adjustable fuel tanks works correctly.
  • Part spawn shortcut [E] worked while an input field was selected.
  • Camera movement wasn’t locked while an input field was selected.
  • Gyro’s didn’t work properly always spin property was turned off.
  • Rocket engines made noise while not ignited.
  • Wheels sometimes jittered while standing still.
  • Drag box didn’t properly remove previous drag.
  • Combustion engines started without having fuel.
  • When out of fuel combustion engines didn’t shut down.
  • The orientation of some wheels wasn’t correct.
  • Electric motor worked without electricity.
  • Fixed issues with reflection probe, it was black for a lot of people.
  • Camera didn’t properly focus upon switching from pipe to assembly builder.
  • Property panel didn’t refresh after a property was added/removed.
  • While joining a server through main menu, pressing ESC would get you stuck in main menu.

  • Other changes

  • Added new teleport locations on flatland and high mountains.
  • Fixed and replaced some pick-up vehicles.
  • Gyro disc and drag box has been optimized.
  • Field of View property is set to 90° by default on all seats.
  • Fuel tank weight is based on how much fuel is left (0.75 kg per liter), an infinite tank will weigh as much as a full tank.

  • What if I have a problem?

    To ensure that no issue is overseen we’ll be monitoring steam, DISCORD and our other channels even more over the course of the following days. In the unfortunate event that you encounter a bug please follow these steps so that we can release a patch asap:

  • See if you can replicate the bug
  • Be as specific as possible about the issue, the more information the better. Preferably attach your output_log.txt file which can be located in: installed directory / HB146_Data folder (right click on Homebrew in your game library, select properties and then browse local files)
  • Notify us on Steam or DISCORD (faster response time)


    Copybugpaste Team

    How to fix your vehicles after the update!

    Fixing vehicles

    A lot of physics changes have occurred in the latest update. If your vehicle doesn’t behave as desired don’t freak out, in most cases some minor adjustments will be needed to get you going. If you still experience issues after trying the suggestions below don’t hesitate to contact us on steam or DISCORD (faster response time).

    What if my boat/submarine, … sinks?

    In the past pontoon buoyancy increased when the pontoon was pressed deeper into the water (more submerged), since this isn’t realistic we’ve made changes to the calculations. You can easily get your vehicle to work by either adding additional pontoons or losing weight.

    What if my underwater propeller is too slow?

    Prior to the patch propellers didn’t work properly while underwater; this means that boats that are using regular propellers will turn a lot slower than they did in the past. This is because water is approximately 1000 times denser than air and can be fixed by either making your propeller slower or considering the use of a water propeller. Another thing that might help is using a lower gear ratio since the propeller needs less RPM but more torque while submerged.

    My boat is too fast, what now?

    In the past pontoons generated too much drag, since we’ve fixed this issue you’ll notice that most boats will fly through water like crazy. To fix this we advise you to tweak your thrusters so that they provide less thrust.

    My car bounces/jitters, help!

    Suspension physics has changed and damping force has a lot more effect than it used to. Thankfully in 99% of the cases this can easily be fixed by lowering the damping force to a value that is lower than the spring force.

    My car is too slow

    Due to a variety of reasons cars used to be way too overpowered, since most parts have improved by a lot it’s best if you base your designs on realistic engines and re-tweak the gear ratios depending on your craft.

    Transmissions have been improved by a lot and should be ready for use out of the box 99% of the time. Depending on the engine, wheel size and vehicle weight you might want to tweak the “global gear ratio” property based on your needs, this of course doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to change the individual gears as well.

    My electrical powered vehicle doesn’t have enough power

    Electrical vehicles will probably be underpowered after this update. This is because the electric motor was too overpowered and we had to rebalance it entirely. Yet again this can easily be fixed by using a lower gear ratio (less RPM, but more torque).

    There’s also no need in trying to hook up an insane amount of batteries like you could do in the past since the electric motors are capped to approximately 5HP. If needed we advise you to hook up more electric motors or use a more powerful combustion engine.

    What if my clutch doesn’t work?

    We’ve reversed how the clutch works; now a value equal to 0 means that it has traction and a value of 1 means that it doesn’t.

    What if my car suddenly feels like it’s on ice?

    In this update we took a major step towards more realistic behavior and to do this we’ve changed the system that defines how wheels make traction. As a result wheels are subject to slip curves both for side to side and front to back traction.

  • If the vehicle keeps skidding left and right: increase sideways friction.
  • If the vehicle has issues with forward and backward: increase forward grip.
  • If the vehicle has understeering issues: try increasing grip on front tires.
  • In case of oversteering: increase sideways traction of the rear tires.

  • Why are my tires burning out so much?

    In the real world a spinning tire has dramatically lower friction than a tire with speed that is lower relative to the ground. As a result if your tires start spinning (usually due to excess torque being applied) holding throttle down will just make the situation worse. In this case you can either:

  • Increase weight.
  • Increase forward traction in the property panel of the wheel.
  • Use less torque (can be achieved via gear rations/different engines).
  • Spread the torque out by hooking up more wheels from the same gearbox or engine. You might also consider to add smoothing.
  • [24-08-2016]New update: physics changes, new parts and more!

    From the team

    The new update is finally here, the feedback that we got from you guys has helped improve the game by a lot and in this post you can find a summary of the changes that have been made. You can click on of the topics below for more information:

    Tuner and builder changes

    Key changes:

  • Multi select is added to tuner (hold SHIFT to select multiple tuner boxes, double click to select all similar ones).
  • Changing properties has been optimized by A LOT (better performance).
  • Saving process is faster.
  • Vehicle file size has decreased.
  • Other bug fixes and overall improvements.

  • Multiplayer improvements

    Key changes:

  • Vehicles are downloaded faster.
  • A vehicle download queue has been added; this should lower the chance of dropping and disconnecting from a server significantly.
  • Improved vehicle uploading.
  • Reduced the chance of glitching out with vehicles of others while in multiplayer (a.k.a. ownership issues).

  • Water physics, outboard motor and water propeller

    Key changes:

  • Improved pontoon behavior.
  • Added propeller physics for underwater.
  • Added outboard motor and underwater propeller.

  • Wheel improvements and new wheels

    Key changes:

  • Added “grip lock” to prevent vehicles from sliding at standstill.
  • Added grip curves to wheels.
  • Added rolling and static resistance.
  • Added sound effects for skidmarks (based on ground type).
  • Reworked all wheel visuals.
  • Added new wheels.

  • Engines and transmissions!

    Key changes:

  • Fixed torque curves for all engines.
  • Improved looks of in-game engines.
  • Force is divided among the wheels properly.
  • Added additional engines.
  • Improved car transmission (13 gears + set gear input).
  • Added small car transmission.

  • Tutorial improvements and smoke effects

    Key changes:

  • Improved tutorial (new vehicles, indication lines).
  • Improved teleporter gadget.
  • Added smoke effects to fireworks part.

  • Curved plate algorithm has been reworked

    As of now dents in curved plates are a thing of the past and we have to thank this to Bear Grylls since he was able to solve this issue by rewriting the underlying code of the curved plates. These changes bring plating to a whole new level and below you can see some of our test results:

    Other changes

    Although a lot has already been discussed, there’s still a huge amount of changes that haven’t been mentioned yet, including, but not limited to:

  • Simple gearbox no longer outputs the wrong rpm.
  • Propeller audio is cleaned up properly.
  • Blade effect inverts with picth and rpm.
  • Propeller rpm decreases more slowly after throttle is released (propeller spin calculation has been overhauled).
  • Propeller blade supersonic tip effect has been fixed.
  • Fixed bugged keybinds to audio menu.
  • Joystick sensitivity now decreases/increases based on FPS value.
  • COG of exhaust has been fixed.
  • Fixed double camera switch bug (it now remembers camera state).
  • Tutorial screen can be paused again.
  • Manual clutch on combustion engines is fixed.
  • Tuned all pick ups and added new ones.
  • Added new default vehicles.
  • Fixed normal map on junk yard props.
  • Added a clear vehicles command to the chat (“clearvehicles”).

  • Mr. Medic

    We’d like to thank Mr. Medic for helping out with the math behind the physics and improving part behaviour. His feedback and insight has helped us to change things for the better and this update wouldn’t be possible without his contributions!

    What if I have a problem?

    If your vehicles behave weird after this update don’t panic and read THIS POST to see how you can make it work with the new physics.

    To ensure that no issue is overseen we’ll be monitoring steam, DISCORD and our other channels even more over the course of the following days. In the unfortunate event that you encounter a bug please follow these steps so that we can release a patch asap:

  • See if you can replicate the bug
  • Be as specific as possible about the issue, the more information the better. Preferably attach your output_log.txt file which can be located in: installed directory / HB146_Data folder (right click on Homebrew in your game library, select properties and then browse local files)
  • Notify us on Steam or DISCORD (faster response time)


    Copybugpaste Team

    Upcoming update #6: Tutorial and smoke effects

    From the team

    A while back we added an in-game tutorial to the v14 version. With this update some necessary adjustments have been made to improve the overall player experience. In addition to this we’ve also added some smoke effects to the fireworks part. Now let’s look at what you can expect:

    Tutorial improvements

    Since physics have been improved, new tutorial vehicles have been added as well. Before deciding which ones should be added we’ve watched a ton of new players going through the tutorial. This allowed us to gather the necessary feedback that would enable us to build better suited vehicles.

    In addition to the waypoint markers we’ve added indication lines that will ensure that new players are guided and don’t get off track.

    Models for the teleporter gadget and the cube have been added so that you can actually pick them up. At the same time the teleporter has received an overhaul to ensure that you can’t teleport to other locations while following the first steps of the tutorial. To make navigation even easier we’ve changed the basic color scheme of the teleporter gadget as well. Below you can see how it will look after the update:

    Smoke effects

    Ever wanted to do skywriting in HB14? Well then we’ve got some good news because this update will allow you to use smoke yet again. You can access these effects by selecting the them in the effects browser of the fireworks part. To begin with you’ll have the following choices:

  • Grey
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Black

  • What’s next?

    Since the update is just around the corner our next post will focus on some additional bug fixes and will have a brief summary on everything that’s new. Make sure to keep an eye out on Steam and as always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions or need help!


    Copybugpaste Team

    Upcoming update #5: Engines and transmissions!

    From the team

    With the upcoming update the engines in Homebrew have been revisited and received a major overhaul. The behavior/appearance of the current in-game engines has improved and a couple new engines will be introduced. In addition to this we’ve also fine-tuned the existing transmission and added a new, smaller transmission as well. Below you can read what it’s all about.

    Engine improvements and new engines

    While working on wheel physics we quickly realized that engines needed immediate attention. From now on all engines use the correct torque and the force is divided among the wheels correctly.

    In addition to behavior changes we’ve also improved the visuals of the existing engines as well. Below you can find a full list of all the new and existing ones with their (new) corresponding stats.

    Falcon 6

    If you’ve played HB14 you’re definitely familiar with this one. Its visuals have been improved and changes have been made to ensure that its performance is more accurate than ever. Below you can find the new performance values.

  • 169 Nm at redline (5500 RPM)
  • 212 Nm heap (1500 RPM-2600 RPM)
  • 100 Nm at idle (750 RPM)
  • 0,019 L/s (fuel consumption)
  • +- 120 kg (weight)

  • M14P Radial Engine

    With changes being made to propellers and the falcon engine we decided to get our hands dirty and work on this engine too. Better visuals and modifications of the underlying torque curve have unlocked its full potential.

  • 651 Nm at redline (3000 RPM)
  • 732 Nm heap (1000 RPM-2700 RPM)
  • 450 Nm at idle (750 RPM)
  • 0,023 L/s (fuel consumption)
  • +- 214 kg (weight)

  • Electric motor

    Although this motor hasn’t changed visually the performance has been modified meaning that the behavior has changed. Here are the core values.

  • 0.03Nm at redline (10000 RPM)
  • 0.458 Nm heap (0 RPM-250 RPM)
  • +- 20 kg (weight)

  • Tuk tuk

    This one has been in-game for a while now, but after additional testing we quickly realized that its values weren’t correct. Although the engine is quite weak, it still looks damn awesome and will help you stay in the air with your glider and stuff.

  • 5,33 Nm at redline (1040 RPM)
  • 5,33 Nm heap (100 RPM-1000 RPM)
  • 2 Nm at idle (250 RPM)
  • 0,001 L/s (fuel consumption)
  • +- 20 kg (weight)

  • Falcon 6D

    Diesel fuel is one of the most efficient and energy dense fuels available today. Because of the way the fuel is burnt, this engine type provides far more torque to the driveshaft than its gasoline counterpart.

  • 210 Nm at redline (2900 RPM)
  • 421 Nm heap (1200 RPM-1750 RPM)
  • 210 Nm at idle (550 RPM)
  • 0,006 L/s (fuel consumption)
  • +- 260 kg (weight)

  • Kart engine

    We know that a lot of you guys love to build small vehicles and so do we. Therefore a new, compact engine that can be used on karts, bikes, quads and all other kinds of vehicles has been added.

  • 20 Nm at redline (3600 RPM)
  • 20 Nm heap (1000 RPM-3600 RPM)
  • 20 Nm at idle (1000 RPM)
  • 0,001 L/s (fuel consumption)
  • +- 26 kg (weight)

  • D22 Twister

    This 1,2 ton beast is ready for some heavy duty, since it delivers a great amount of torque it will come in extremely handy on trucks and boats. By running on diesel means that it can easily out-tow gas powered vehicles while delivering a great fuel economy. Be aware though and keep in mind that it’s weight will affect the behavior of your vehicle significantly.

  • 1250 Nm at redline (2200 RPM)
  • 2237 Nm heap (1200 RPM-1500 RPM)
  • 1200 Nm at idle (700 RPM)
  • 0,033 L/s (fuel consumption)
  • 1200 kg (weight)

  • Outboard motor

    We’ve mentioned the addition of this one in a previous post, but haven’t discussed the stats yet. So without further ado here they are:

  • 400 Nm at redline (2200 RPM)
  • 462 Nm heap (1200 RPM-1500 RPM)
  • 200 Nm at idle (700 RPM)
  • 0,018 L/s (fuel consumption)
  • 200 kg (weight)

  • Car transmission (+- 100 kg)

    The current in-game transmission has been worked on and now has 13 (+ an additional one for reverse) gears at your disposal. In addition the transmission als has a new set gear input; this allows you to go go from gear 5 to gear 9 for example without having to go through all the gears first.

    Small car transmission (+- 30 kg)

    For the purpose of building smaller craft we’ve added in a more compact transmission with 6 gears (+ an additional one for reverse) and a set gear input as well. From our experience this will allow you to have slicker and better handling vehicles.

    What’s next?

    The next posts will focus on some effects that have been added, improvements to the tutorial and additional bug fixes that haven’t been mentioned yet. As always we’d like to thank all of you guys for supporting us throughout the development and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the new build.


    Copybugpaste Team

    Upcoming update #4: Wheel improvements and new wheels

    Wheel improvements

    With the wheel code being reworked we’re even more excited for the upcoming update. Instead of posting a long list of all the changes that have been made it’s best if we mention the most important ones, so let’s get right to it!

    Torque on the wheels

    In our quest for better wheels we’ve improved the way that torque is applied. In the upcoming update torque will divided amongst the wheels.

    Sliding vehicles

    Homebrew vehicles sometimes had the bad habit of sliding over the ground even when no force was applied. While reworking the underlying code something that we refer to as the “grip lock” has been added to ensure that this is a thing of the past.

    Grip curves

    In the current version grip is calculated from the wheel’s relative velocity compared to the ground. This approach, although it works isn’t physically correct .

    After looking at many, many … many (and yes it was A TON of information), we realized that this whole aspect had to be revamped. Eventually we ended up with a slip % curve for forward friction and a slip angle curve for the sideways friction.

    This approach has finally enabled us to enter correct curves by the book ;).

    Rolling and static resistance

    Homebrew’s old wheels didn’t have these and after experimenting for a while we quickly realized that these are way too important to be left out.

    Rolling resistance: this is the resistance that the wheel has when it’s rolling, simply put your car will eventually slow down out of itself and come to a halt.

    Static resistance: this is needed to get going from standstill, in general it is a lot higher than the rolling resistance but after you’ve passed this threshold this resistance disappears and rolling resistance takes over.

    Maximum traction

    The maximum traction that your wheel can provide depends heavily on how much the wheel is pressed against the ground and by how much the wheel is slipping.

    Homebrew’s old wheels didn’t take slipping wheels into account. We’ve improved the behavior by making sure that the new ones look at how much your wheel is slipping and multiplying it with the wheel’s maximum traction.

    This means that when you do a burnout, your sideways friction will drop significantly which makes doing doughnuts or power slides a lot of fun.

    Skidmarks and sound effects

    Having better wheel physics is one thing, making land vehicles even more enjoyable needed other changes as well. With this in mind skidmarks are accompanied by sound effects that will change based on the ground surface type and other physical properties.

    Other changes

    A lot of other changes that affect wheel behavior have been made as well. Below are some of the more important ones.

  • Default wheel settings have been changed
  • Fixed wheel cog
  • Wheel weight is more accurate.
  • Wheels are visible on the wheel hub by default.

  • Additional wheels and reworked visuals

    With all these improvements it’d be a shame if we wouldn’t rework the visuals and add in some new ones while doing this. After the new build goes live you’ll have the following choices:

  • Thin wheel
  • Monster truck wheel
  • Dirt wheel
  • Default wheel
  • 5 different sports wheels

  • And yes, just like most of you we too wanted to have wooden wheels 😀

    What’s next

    The upcoming update also brings along new engines and a bunch of physics improvements to the existing ones. Therefore our following post will focus on this specific area.


    Copybugpaste Team

    Upcoming update #3: Water physics, outboard motor and water propeller

    From the team

    As always physics improvements are high on our priority list and with this update most of our time was devoted towards this aspect of the game. Let’s dive right into the changes by starting with water parts!

    Pontoon improvements

    The behavior of pontoons has been modified and although there’s always room for improvement we’re happy to announce that the physics is far more accurate than ever. In general the pontoons are way more stable and they have less overall drag meaning that building big and small boats will be easier. Below you can see how water vehicles will behave after the update:

    Propeller physics[

    We continued to work on propellers and made them work underwater, to ensure the new propellor phsyics can be utilized correctly we’ve added a water propellor to go with it, like any propeller in Homebrew it is fully customizable to suit your needs:

    Outboard motor

    Last but not least a new motor will be added. As with most engines things are pretty straightforward and you’ll be able to set it up in no time. Below you can see how it will look in game.

    What’s next?

    So far we’ve already covered a lot of upcoming stuff. In our next post we’ll go in-depth on the reworked wheel physics and the new wheels themselves.


    Copybugpaste Team

    Upcoming update #2: Multiplayer improvements

    From the team

    With the new update approaching fast it’s about time that we look at some of the improvements that have been made to the multiplayer. Let’s get right to it:

    Vehicle transfer

    Since the file size of your vehicles has decreased, less data has to be transferred which means that vehicles will be downloaded faster. Another change in the upcoming update is the addition of the download queue: instead of downloading the data of the spawned vehicles at once, data will be downloaded on a per vehicle basis.

    You’ll be able to monitor the download progress via the loading bar beneath the globe icon in the top right corner of your screen. Since the load on the network is spread over time this approach should lower the chance of timing out and dropping from the server.

    Improved uploading

    Whenever a vehicle is spawned it is uploaded to our servers before being passed to other players. We improved these systems to ensure that no vehicle is uploaded twice.

    Vehicle ownership issues

    After entering someone’s vehicle it would bug out, spin in all directions, hit the kill wall and teleport you back to the valley. If this sounds familiar then we’ve got good news; the issue itself hasn’t been solved entirely just yet, but the chances of this happening have been lowered significantly.

    After getting additional feedback and doing some debugging we arrived at the conclusion that this mostly occurred on vehicles with wings and that it had to do with the way that their positioning was handled. This means that the fix will be most noticeable on planes and similar craft.

    What’s next?

    As always we kept the best for last and with the update coming out in a matter of days our next posts will focus on major physics improvements. We still got some surprises coming your way and to start off the next post will go in depth on some new water parts and water dynamics changes. Make sure to keep an eye out for more information and as always keep up the great builds!


    Copybugpaste Team

    Upcoming update #1: Tuner and builder changes

    From the team

    We’re glad to announce that we’ll be releasing a new patch in a couple of days that will improve the current version remarkably. There are simply too much changes to cover in one post so we’ve decided to split things up in a series of announcements on what you can expect. In this post we’d like to focus on some of the changes and improvements for the tuner and builder in general.

    Multi select in tuner

    To ensure that you can organize things better while in tuner we’ll be adding two new features that will help you with this:

  • Holding SHIFT + selecting multiple boxes will allow you to move them together
  • Double clicking on a box will select all similar boxes and allow you to move them together

  • Below you can see how this looks in-game:

    Builder changes

  • Changing property values has been optimized A LOT: in the past changing a property would update all part properties, now it only updates the one that has been altered.
  • The file size of vehicles has been decreased (by approximately 50%)
  • Saving process requires less steps and thus it’s faster
  • Wheels are visible on the wheel hub immediately after spawning
  • All property names have been checked for errors
  • Improved (physics) dragging tool in the builder
  • ”Builders” menu group has been removed
  • The Window menu contains Tuner, Pipe Builder
  • To confirm a newly assigned key press OK (APPLY in the old version)
  • Selection tool: drag select works properly
  • Right click no longer moves tuner panels
  • F2 shortcut opens tuner
  • Rotated starting view to the tutorial screen
  • Pausing the tutorial screen works properly again
  • Fixed test lines in builder
  • Added a bar to wheel arrow to indicate the ground side
  • Take control property on the seat is enabled by default
  • Angle multiplier property has been changed to “max angle”

  • What’s next

    Since most of the changes in the upcoming update have to do with multiplayer improvements and physics our following posts will focus on these topics. We’d like to thank everyone for helping us out by sending bug reports, tutorials, suggestions and making awesome creations. Keep up the great work!

    [b]DREAM – BUILD – ENJOY[/b]

    Copybugpaste Team

    [01/07/2016] Patch notes HB14

    From the team:

    With the multiplayer being added to HB14 we’ve been having a ton of fun meeting players online and trying out their creations. This has allowed us to gather a lot of feedback on what has to be polished and improved with the upcoming patches. Therefore we’ve taken some time to focus on streamlining the builder UI a bit more. Now let’s take a look at what this patch brings along:

    Changes in this update

    To ensure a more pleasant building experience we’ve made some additional changes to the following builder UI elements:

  • Navigation bar
  • Tool buttons
  • Spawn button
  • Fixed bug where part names weren’t displayed in the properties panel
  • Grouped the inputs/outputs in the property panel
  • Tool shortcuts work for pipe builder
  • That aside we’ve been able to crush two additional bugs:

  • Rocket engine burn sound kept playing after the fuel was depleted
  • Vehicles could be controlled with keyboard even when while in chat

  • What’s next?

    With the multiplayer update we have discovered a couple of bugs that we’ll be patching in the coming days/weeks. We’re thankful for everyone who’s been helping us to improve Homebrew so far. We’re always open for more feedback and if you want you’re always welcome to share it with us on either Steam or DISCORD (faster response time).


    Copybugpaste Team

    [29/06/2016] Patch Notes HB14

    From the team:

    Every time a bigger update is released our community is there for feedback and bug reports. We appreciate it a lot that we can count on you guys and we’re happy to say that more bugs have been crushed yet again. Now let’s look at what has been changed in the new build:

  • Opening a workshop project automatically creates a clone; this fixes the bug where edited workshop vehicles wouldn’t be loaded in the builder after the initial workshop project was deleted.
  • In the tutorial the player will be reset if something goes wrong between starter’s nest and lost island objective.
  • Decreased cpu intensity for calculating centre of gravity, this won’t be noticeable on smaller vehicles but when you have more than 10 cog points the code will kick in and spread these calculations over time.
  • Increased server time-out; hopefully this will solve the disconnect/reconnect bug.
  • Decreased lag in the tuner screen by about 20%
  • Saving an assembly as global works again.
  • Workshop downloader checks for changes and removes folders when files aren’t found.
  • X15 wing blade angle has been fixed.
  • Uber spoiler flap angle has been fixed.
  • Updated default vehicles.
  • Binding mouse controls works.
  • Changed cube spawn delay for free roam and free roam optimized modes.
  • Mouse icon replaced by default mouse.
  • Updated properties panel UI.

  • Other bugs?

    Right now our main focus is fixing as many bugs as possible. To make sure that we can solve your issue as fast as possible please follow these guidelines:

  • See if you can replicate the bug.
  • Be as specific as possible about the issue, the more information the better. Preferably attach your output_log.txt file which can be located in: installed directory / HB146_Data folder (right click on Homebrew in your game library, select properties and then browse local files).
  • Notify us on Steam or DISCORD (faster response time).

  • Cheers!

    Copybugpaste Team

    Bugs and upcoming fixes

    With the latest MP update going live we’ve discovered a series of bugs that will be patched right away. We already know what’s causing most of the issues so it shouldn’t take us too long (approximately two days) to release a more stable version of the game.

    Since we’re considered about these issues we’ve decided to set the previous build as the first launch option for now. Once the biggest bugs are patched things will get back to normal in no time. In the meantime we advise to build in the [STABLE] version.

    NOTE:Play multiplayer by selecting the [EXPERIMENTAL MP] option in Steam.


    Copybugpaste Team

    [UPDATE]: Basic multiplayer added to HB14

    It’s been a long time coming so we’re excited to announce that with this update multiplayer has been added to HB14. Although the new version runs smoother and has more possibilities than HB13 multiplayer it is still pretty experimental so bugs may and probably will occur.

    The update will allow you to meet up with friends and host LAN/online servers. We really look forward towards seeing you guys in multiplayer and would like to thank everyone who has been helping us to improve the game so far.

    Joining a server

    To join a server follow these steps:

  • Click on multiplayer in main menu.
  • Choose between official/community/custom servers/Local network (LAN).
  • Select the server that you’d like to join, your menu will look something like this:
  • Click on Join server; a purple globe icon in the top right corner of your screen will indicate that you’re connected.

  • Hosting

    When it comes to hosting port-forwarding can get quite complex so we’ve implemented a solution (which works through UPNP) that will try to do this automatically. Although this works in most cases, we can’t guarantee that it will work for everyone since there are simply too much networking set-ups.

    Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that your AntiVirus software may be blocking the server app. If you’re unable to host please make sure to check this first.

    With this knowledge in mind you can set up a server as follows:

  • Click on Multiplayer in the main menu.
  • Click on Host Server.
  • The following screen should appear.
  • It’s not necessary to change the server settings, but you can set things up based on your preferences.
  • Once you’re ready click host, a purple globe icon in the top right corner of your screen will indicate that your server is online and the admin panel will appear. There’s where you can change your settings, but we’ll go in-depth on this topic in a future post.

  • Dedicated servers

    If you’d like to host your own dedicated servers, don’t hesitate and let us know. We’d be more than happy to help out. The quickest way to get in touch with us is by looking us up on DISCORD.

    Biggest changes

    This update isn’t limited to just multiplayer. We’ve already mentioned a variety of changes in our previous posts and you can read more about them by clicking on one of these topics:

    In-game tutorial screen

  • A big screen in the builder that displays community tutorials.

  • We’d also like to thank everyone for making these videos and allowing us to use them in-game. You guys are awesome and we appreciate everything you’ve done for us.

    First look into new multiplayer

  • New way of loading vehicles
  • Reduced network traffic
  • Port-forwarding won’t be required in most cases
  • Different server modes and the ability to create custom ones

  • Pick-up vehicles

  • Vehicles that are controllable by both keyboard and controller have been spread all over the world and can be picked up.

  • New in-game chat

  • Supports multiple channels (you don’t have to be in multiplayer for this to function)
  • Command support (changing in-game time, connecting directly, …)

  • Teleporter gadget

  • Instantly teleports you to different locations in the world.

  • New island and skybox changes

  • An area that is roughly 9 times bigger than the valley; especially great for climbers, gliders, buggies and all other crazy creations.
  • Skybox has been modified.

  • Player animations and menu changes

  • Player animations have been added and work in multiplayer.
  • Some of the menu’s (especially the main menu) have been overhauled.

  • Gameplay basics tutorial

  • A tutorial that explains how to control the player outside the builder.

  • What if I have a problem?

    To ensure that no issue is overseen we’ll be monitoring steam, [url=https://discordapp.com/invite/0lxdMnkIRKiMg3dT]DISCORD[/url] and our other channels even more over the course of the following days. In the unfortunate event that you encounter a bug please follow these steps so that we can release a patch asap:

  • See if you can replicate the bug
  • Be as specific as possible about the issue, the more information the better. Preferably attach your output_log.txt file which can be located in: installed directory / HB146_Data folder (right click on Homebrew in your game library, select properties and then browse local files)
  • Notify us on Steam or [url=https://discordapp.com/invite/0lxdMnkIRKiMg3dT]Discord[/url] (faster response time)


    Copybugpaste Team

    Upcoming update part 8: Gameplay basics tutorial

    From the team

    A lot of the changes that have been made will catch your attention immediately, but other systems that are at the core of the game have been implemented as well to ensure constant improvement of Homebrew. We’ve already talked a lot about what you can expect, but there’s still one fun feature that we’d still like to mention and that is …

    Gameplay basics tutorial

    Whenever you start a new game and spawn into the world you can always use a helping hand. With the addition of the community tutorial display we still needed something that would explain how you can control the player. With this and feedback from the community in mind we’ve designed a tutorial that will do just that!

    When will you guys release the update

    The ways things look right now we expect the update to go live within the next two hours. Make sure to keep an eye out on steam as we’ll be posting an announcement once it goes live!


    Copybugpaste team